ClassroomEducation welcomes you

We help learners through our unique, combined courses to understand school mathematics. Available in English and Afrikaans.

Why ClassroomEducation?

We want to help you understand school mathematics and see you achieve your full potential without spending hours a day in front of the computer.

All our courses are written and presented by world-class subject matter specialists. We are so confident in our products that we believe that anyone who enrol will better understand school mathematics and be able, to improve their results.

For a small once-off fee per course or course bundle, you can subscribe to the course you are interested in and, you will get lifetime access to that course! Subscribers also have access to academic email support – where qualified teachers can help you with the work when you are stuck, in both English and Afrikaans.

We want to invite you to join our Facebook page and Youtube channel. We always share some free videos on our social media accounts. Also, see our FAQ page if you are not sure about something or how our website works.


What People Say...

“Good motivator, caring, passionate, dedicated and determined, are all the words I would use to describe Linda. She helps Joanne find the logic behind the equation to understand instead of just knowing how to do it. If your child struggle with maths, I would definitely recommend Linda.”
Riana van den Berg
Riana van den Berg
Pretoria, South Africa
“ClassroomEducation se kursusse het my al baie gehelp in my studies as voornemende onderwyser. Enige onderwysstudent kan beslis baatvind by hulle kursusse”.
Dirk Hanekom
Dirk Hanekom
Pretoria, Suid-Afrika
“I bought the Numbers, Operations & Relationships course for my daughter to fill any possible gaps she might have. She is enjoying the lessons and is now positive about mathematics! Thank you ClassroomEducation.”
Gideon Liversage
Gideon Liversage
Brisbane, Australia

What makes us different?

We always combine three grades’ curriculum into a course. Our unique approach to group the work according to phases will enable you to understand where everything fits in and how it relates to each other. That is why we have developed a unique approach we call the Mind Map Relational Approach, or MMR for short – where you can instantly see the relationship between different topics. A colour coded, course-specific MMR PNG file is available for download in the first lesson of each course.

Who should enrol for our courses?

Anyone 13 years and older who wants to broaden their school mathematics knowledge and improve their results should enrol for our courses. Homeschoolers, distinction candidates, even teachers and, anyone who wants to learn more about school mathematics should subscribe.

Can our courses be accessed on a mobile device?

Yes! All our courses are responsive. You can access the website and any course from most mobile phones and tablets.


What is the catch?

There is none! No fine print! Our courses are affordably priced and usually less than one months’ worth of individual extra classes. We have an enthusiasm for education and a passion for the understanding of mathematics. Combine these two passions and, you get school mathematics courses by ClassroomEducation. We look forward to starting this exciting journey with you!