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The number system

The Number System

The real numbers number system consists of rational and irrational numbers which are explained in this video. Rational numbers consist of different number sets. First, we get natural numbers that are from 1 onwards. We can write it as N…


Die Getallestelsel

Die reële getalstelsel bestaan uit rasionale en irrasionale getalle, en word in hierdie video verduidelik. Rasionale getalle bestaan uit verskeie getalreekse. Eerstens kry ons natuurlike getalle. Natuurlike getalle begin by 1 en ons kan dit skryf as N = {1;…

Mathematicians through the ages.

Mathematical Marvels Through the Ages: Journeying from Archimedes to Modern Visionaries

Introduction Welcome to the world of mathematics, where brilliant individuals have solved problems and influenced our understanding of the universe by making amazing discoveries. We shall travel through time with prominent mathematicians who have made their mark on the world…