Ratio and Rate – Sharing in given a ratio

Ratio and rate are very similar where ratio is the comparison of two or more quantities of the same kind and rate is the comparison of two quantities of different kinds.

An example of rate is R49/100g (R49 per 100 grams). What should we do if we have to share something in a given ratio? For example, if we have to share 30 sweets in a ratio of 1:1, that means when one person gets 1 sweet, the other person should also get 1 sweet. If we keep on sharing it like this, each person will end up with 15 sweets. But what if we share in a different ratio, like 2:3? Then, for every two sweets the first person gets, the second person will get three sweets.

When sharing in a given ratio, the ratio can consist of more than two quantities, such as sharing R180 in the ratio 1:3:5. Watch the video to see how simple that is.

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