Common fractions to percentages to decimal fractions

What do common fractions, percentages, and decimal fractions have in common? They can all be converted into one another. When converting a common fraction, such as three quarters, into a percentage, we have to make the denominator equal to 100. How do we do that? Multiply the current denominator of fourths with 25 so that the denominator can become 100 (hundredths). However, do not forget that by changing the value of the denominator (bottom value) you are changing the value of the fraction, unless, you multiply the numerator (top value) also with 25. Then, 3 quarters will become 75 hundredths. These two fractions are now equivalent. So, to write it as a percentage you can simply write 75% as percentage means “out of 100”. How can you change the common fraction of 3 quarters to a decimal? We know by now that 3 quarters is equivalent to 75 hundredths. So, write the 75 hundredths as 0,75 and then you have a decimal fraction.

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